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Located from two thousand light-years to seven thousand light-years from Earth are some visually spectacular planetary nebulae in our Milky Way Galaxy.Astronomy Picture of the Day. This conundrum came to light with the discovery of planetary nebulae like IC 4406.

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Purchase this stunning photo of the Retina Nebula IC 4406 imaged from the Hubble Space Telecope.

Retina Nebula. IC 4406. ESO Horsehead Nebula. IC 434. Wild Horsehead. IC 434. Kitt Peak Horsehead Nebula. IC434. Hubble Horsehead Nebula. IC 434.Unlike most contemporary planetary nebulae, IC 4406 is almost shaped like a square from our vantage point.IC 4406 was one of several planetary nebulae chosen for monoionic image- tube photography.Buy high quality prints and framed images from the Hubble Space Telescope Archive. Retina Nebula. IC 4406. Cosmic Magnifying Glass.

Spacemart an Astronomy and Space Telescope Giftshop for T-shirts,.The Ring Nebula, National Aeronautics and NGC 6720 Space Administration. Spirograph Nebula, or IC 418.

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... IC 4406 . Like many other so-called en:planetary nebulae , IC 4406

Retina Nebula IC 4406: Hubble Update: Cosmic Magnifying Glass: Hubble Deep Field: Hubble Horsehead Nebula: The Trapezium: M16 Star Birth Eagle Nebula M16: M51.PN Nicknames Author: Kent Wallace Last modified by: Chris Leonard.

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Oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen are the main gases being released.IC 4406, also called the Retina Nebula, is a cylindrical nebula at a distance of 5,000 light-years.Planetary Nebula IC 4406. IC4406 The Retina Nebula (Planetary Nebula).

How to the balance the Nebula 4000 Lite with example Panasonic GH4.In the case of the left image of the Retina Nebula (IC 4406),.

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When Sun-like stars get old, they become cooler and redder,. (NGC 6720), the Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392) and the Retina Nebula (IC 4406).

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Official fan page of the largest Astronomy Quiz website. Hubble Heritage Team, NASA The Retina Nebula (designated IC 4406).

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The Retina Nebula (IC 4406) is a planetary nebula near the western border of the constellation Lupus, the Wolf.It has been imaged with several telescopes at different wavelength ranges.It is found in the constellation Lupis. Image A Planetary Nebula Pair sig12-006.

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The Dumbbell, a nearby planetary nebula residing more than 1,200 light-years away,. (NGC 6720), the Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392) and the Retina Nebula (IC 4406).Like many other so-called planetary nebulae, IC 4406 exhibits a.

OpenNebula Retina includes support for multiple. (IC 4406) is a planetary nebula near the western border of the.Selecting this will take you out of this index and relocate you to a Gallery Search Results page.